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Be Clever to Be Riveting

Has anyone ever told you how clever you are? No? Or maybe they said that to you but didn’t mean it in the way you’d wished. Sometimes being told we are clever is an insult, as if we’re being sneaky and deceptive.

However, I think clever is good. I like clever people. One definition of the word in Merriam-Webster is “marked by wit or ingenuity.” And what does ingenuity mean? Aside from “being clever” (don’t you love it when dictionaries give you circular definitions like this?), it means skillful in devising. Inventiveness. Continue Reading…

Crowdsource Your Self-Publishing Project without Asking for Money

Today’s guest post is by blogger/author Dana Sitar, giving indie authors some tips on how to fund and find support for the publishing of their books.

You want to self-publish, but the numbers you’re hearing from experts are a little intimidating. Can you afford to produce a quality book without the backing of a publisher or thousands of fans?

Kickstarting your indie project is all the rage these days, and with good reason; allowing fans and readers to elect your next projects by funding them is a perfect way to ensure you’re creating exactly what they want next. But don’t get swept away by this trend—crowdfunding (asking for money) isn’t the only way to tap into your audience for support. Continue Reading…

Why, Why, Why?

I do a lot of manuscript critiques. Hundreds a year. I find the best way to get writers thinking about their plot and characters is to ask a lot of questions. And since I’m a novelist who loves deep, rich characters, I like to challenge my editing clients to push past the ordinary and into the realm of the complex.

For, people are complex. Humans are complicated. They really are. Maybe someone will disagree with me and claim the opposite. That people are simple, easy to figure out. Well, I’m guessing those who really believe that will probably portray boring, flat characters in their fiction.
Continue Reading…