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Indie Author Crests the Mountain of Publishing

I’ve been featuring guest bloggers who’ve had some success with self-publishing, in print and with ebooks. Some have been traditionally published and others have ventured out as indie authors. By having many authors writing in various genres around the world speak about the publishing experience and sharing helpful tips, hopefully their insights and suggestions will smooth out your road to success.

Today’s guest post is by author Carol Bodensteiner from Iowa:

Before I stepped onto the indie publishing path, I asked a friend who’d published a number of books both traditionally and independently if she thought I could go from manuscript to books in my garage in seven months. Her comment: It’s not a mountain, but it’s not a molehill either. She was right. Continue Reading…

A Secret Method for Selling a Lot of Books

Today’s guest post is by author and promoter Nick Thacker. He guest-posted earlier this year to great response on the topic of networking, so I am letting him hog a little more space here on Live Write Thrive to share some more great tips.

When I pitched this post originally, I was asked to provide insight as to what has “worked” for me as an author, as far as sales, marketing, and promotion is concerned. That made me think.

Am I really successful? How many books do I have to sell—or how many blog subscribers do I need to have—to be considered “successful?” Certainly it’s a subjective question, but I’ve had people ask me before what I’ve done to get to my current “success,” so I guess it’s time to do some self-examination. Continue Reading…

Your Publishing Journey—An Obstacle Course

Today’s guest post is from Shannon Young, who shares a great story of how she pursued a writing dream and learned ways to overcome obstacles. 

Unless you are the Usain Bolt of self-publishing, chances are good that you have worried about how to find readers. You don’t have ten-second world-is-watching moments, but you are looking for ways to get the audience’s attention. You are running toward a goal, and you want the world to take notice.

My original gold-medal goal was to find an agent for a travel memoir about the year I followed a man I met at a fencing club to Hong Kong. I queried and got some full requests, but regularly heard that it’s difficult to sell a memoir without a hefty platform. In an effort to find my own audience, I self-published a 20,000-word travel memoir about my adventures at the Beijing Olympics. Continue Reading…