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Indie Authors–You Can’t Go It Alone

I’ve been featuring guest bloggers who’ve had some success with self-publishing, in print and with ebooks. Some have been traditionally published and others have ventured out as indie authors. By having many authors writing in various genres around the world speak about the publishing experience and sharing helpful tips, hopefully their insights and suggestions will smooth out your road to success. Today’s guest post is by author James Wilcox from Kansas City:

I have to be honest with you. When I started down the path to becoming a self-published author, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I had a completed manuscript, a stack of rejection letters, and an unhealthy amount of frustration. I hadn’t really considered self-publishing because I was confident that I would find an agent and sign a book deal. After nearly two years of sending out query letters and sample pages, I realized I was out of options. It was then that I decided to look into self-publishing. I stumbled across CreateSpace, learned about Kindle Direct Publishing and then Smashwords, and decided to take the self-publishing plunge. Although I was excited to put together my first novel and enjoyed learning how to format an ebook, I made a huge mistake. I actually thought that self-publishing meant that I had to do everything myself. I thought I could handle the editing. I thought I could build a compelling cover. I thought I could handle formatting an ebook. I actually thought that I could handle every aspect of putting a quality novel together. Boy was I wrong. Continue Reading…

The Cycles of Book Sales

Today’s guest post is from Anthony Wessel, a book industry veteran and founder of I enjoy having my books promoted on his site and so asked Anthony to give me his non-author observations on indie book trends.

I read indie authors’ blogs about the lack of sales in the past months. Most indie authors have only been through one or maybe two holiday seasons. A book is a product. Just like with most products there is a sales cycle on a year-to-year basis.

Readers are still buying books in the same cycle as they always have. Just on a different medium. Continue Reading…

Sell Your Passion without Selling Your Soul

Today’s guest post is by Matthew Turner, marketing consultant and author, and he has some great insights to share about merging your passion for writing with the practical business side of marketing your book.

You’ve just written “The End.” Quite possibly it’s the most poetic part of your entire novel. You’ve written 80,000 words, drafted scenes, character profiles, and emptied your brain of every last drop of inspiration. You’re done–both in terms of your story and your sanity.

This, simply put, is your baby. You want to protect it. You want to make sure people love it as much as you do. However, you also want to sell millions of copies. You want people to read your masterpiece, write glowing reviews, and look to you in awe. You want your art–your passion–to touch souls and help people.

Does this sound like you? If it does, you know there’s one giant problem. Continue Reading…