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16 Tips on How to Survive and Thrive as a Writer

Today’s guest post is by Brian Feinblum, who blogs at Book Marketing Buzz Blog, a blog dedicated to covering the worlds of book publishing and the news media, and revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions. He brings two decades of experience in the publishing industry to this post.

Today, people believe they can social network their way to the top, that they are one witty tweet or one viral video away from making millions. They want to be on a reality show, they want to blog their way to fame, they want to create the next Facebook—but they fail to put in the hard work that is needed.

Those involved in book publishing seek to cash in their lottery ticket. Everyone who writes a book has the hope—even the expectation—that they will have a best-seller on their hands. Who is there to give them a tissue box when their Book Scan numbers don’t register beyond a blip of sales? But, reality aside, here’s the pep talk all writers will need at some point in their careers. Put aside the need for hard work, luck, connections, great writing, hiring professional help, etc. Continue Reading…

EBook Statistics Update

Since we’re about halfway into 2012, I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the eBook statistics (and ereader stats) coming out. Christopher Maselli, on his blog in May, gave a pretty exciting list of statistics that should confirm that eBooks are not only here to stay but are gaining strength. To look at his sources, which he lists quite specifically (which is great), take a look at the original post he did did on Ebooks, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iPad. But I’ve listed here the stats I find particularly interesting (and exciting): Continue Reading…

Coming Clean about My Twitter Success

Today’s guest blog post is by thriller author and tweeter-extraordinaire Claude Bouchard. Twitter is a writer’s billboard to the world, and Claude talks about his method of growing his followers and reach on Twitter, something that all writers in this social-marketing-madness world can benefit from!

I wasn’t planning to write this post. It more came to be as a matter of chance. It all started a few days ago when author, editor and blogger, C.S. Lakin (@cslakin and @livewritethrive on Twitter), contacted me via my website to ask, “How did you get so many followers?” As I’d done in the past with a few others who asked, I emailed C.S. and explained my process. In response she came back, suggesting this should be a blog post and even offered to put my email into blog format, leaving me with only whatever fine tuning I desired. I said, “Cool,” she said, “Here you go,” and voilà, here it is, I’m coming clean about my Twitter success. Continue Reading…