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Coming Clean about My Twitter Success

Today’s guest blog post is by thriller author and tweeter-extraordinaire Claude Bouchard. Twitter is a writer’s billboard to the world, and Claude talks about his method of growing his followers and reach on Twitter, something that all writers in this social-marketing-madness world can benefit from!

I wasn’t planning to write this post. It more came to be as a matter of chance. It all started a few days ago when author, editor and blogger, C.S. Lakin (@cslakin and @livewritethrive on Twitter), contacted me via my website to ask, “How did you get so many followers?” As I’d done in the past with a few others who asked, I emailed C.S. and explained my process. In response she came back, suggesting this should be a blog post and even offered to put my email into blog format, leaving me with only whatever fine tuning I desired. I said, “Cool,” she said, “Here you go,” and voilà, here it is, I’m coming clean about my Twitter success. Continue Reading…

Print on Demand–While You Wait, Here and Now

Imagine this future. You’ve ordered your double latte, and while you’re waiting for the barista to make your drink, you decide to buy a novel to read, since you have some time to kill this morning. You walk over to the simple, unassuming machine stationed in the corner of the coffee house and scroll through the titles, picking a novel you’ve been wanting to read (or maybe a classic you know is hard to find). You swipe your credit card and select one copy, and voila! Within minutes, and for about one cent a page, a book is printed–industry quality and with a beautiful four-color cover–which pops out into the tray for you to grab and dig into. By the time your name is called at the counter to fetch your drink, you have book in hand. Crazy concept? Well, that future is already here. Continue Reading…

3 Great Tips for Authors on Networking

Today’s guest post is by Nick Thacker–author, blogger, and encourager! Take a look at these tips on online marketing and hear what he’s learned as an author trying to promote his novels online.

When I ran a business during college and the first few years after, I spent a lot of time networking. Not only did I try networking through the business organizations on campus, I also attended quite a few networking events in and around my community. I’ve been to large-scale events that hold 400+ booths, but also local Chamber of Commerce meeting luncheons.

All of the events were fun—I learned a lot, engaged and interacted with other business owners, and I got to experience firsthand what I’d been taught in the handful of business courses I’d taken: Generally, people are bad at networking. Continue Reading…