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To Dream, Perchance to Cry

I think it’s a good thing to take a look at why you write. If you’re writing because you must, because you feel driven and have a deep desire to reach an audience and have a readership that loves your books, it’s good to step back and examine your motivation.

If your desire is to entertain, motivate, inspire, move, elicit a certain reaction, or push an agenda, then it’s important to understand why this is important to you.

Why? Because once you understand your need to write and what is driving it, you can honestly and practically both assess and plan how you will handle your writing life.

For, I’m talking about writing as a life—for those who write because they have to. Not the person who gets one great idea and throws together what they feel will be a big best seller to cash out, but the person who is deluged with words, ideas, stories, characters, premises. For such people, writing is life. A life without writing would be barren and miserable. Continue Reading…

Writing for an Audience Can Be Dangerous

I think the best way to survive and thrive in this writing life is to examine our motivation. If we take a look at why we write and how we feel about our writing, it will give us insight into our joy. A person who writes just for the sheer love of writing and has no interest whatsoever to do anything with her writing is going to find a simple, satisfying joy in her writing. A lot of people feel that satisfaction through journaling each day. But we authors start getting caught up in the nets of despair the moment we start thinking of audience. One author friend said this to me (before I got published): “You don’t ever find that true happiness in your writing until you have an audience. It’s the connection between writer and reader that brings a sense of fulfillment and completion.” Continue Reading…

Persistence Often Leads to Publication

What are your real hopes and dreams for your writing career? How vital are they to your sense of self-worth? If all your happiness is contingent on becoming a huge success in commercial terms, then you know you’re in for disappointment. You may reach that goal one day, but what are you feeling in the meantime? What does your day-to-day attitude look like? Continue Reading…