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The Power of Community

I’ve been talking recently about eBook publishing and why it is exploding and overtaking traditional publishing.

Why am I bringing out all this information about eBooks? Am I trying to tell you to turn your back on traditional publishing? No, not at all. But in order for us authors to plan a strategy in order to write for life, we need to see the trends. And the eBook trend is only one factor (albeit a huge one) in the shifting publishing paradigm.

I would like to tell you there is an even more powerful shift that will and already does affect you as a career author, one you’ve probably heard about as it applies to other industries and parts of society but now sees its great need in the world of authors who write with passion and commitment.

And that is the power of community (or tribe, as author Seth Godin calls it) to create movement, change, and impact. And rather than aim to sell a book in the millions just to turn a modest profit, I’d like to challenge you to think a little differently about success.

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One EBook Author’s Success Story

I’ve been reading with much interest individual success stories for previously unknown authors who chose to go the eBook route with their novels. One is the account of fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan. His wife tells of his rise to success with the first five books of his Riyria series (which she first published on her own small press–Ridan Publishing 2008-2010). In nine months (January-September 2010) her husband’s income from sales averaged about $1,500 a month (Kindle sales solely), but after the tipping point occurred, he earned more than $102,000 in five months. Continue Reading…

Publishing Predictions for 2012 ~ The Ebook Revolution Continues

Paula Krapf, a blogger with the author marketing expert blog, ended last year with a look at trends that took place in 2010 in the publishing world and giving predictions for 2011. Now that we are into 2012, we can see how these predictions have come true and are gaining steam. The biggest news, according to Krapf, is the explosion of sales of electronic readers, which include devices like Kindle, Nook, and others–and now Google is cashing in on the huge sales with the introduction of its eBookstore. Here are some more statistics showing the growing eBook and electronic reading trends:

  • By the first quarter of 2010, eBooks accounted for 5 percent of the total book sales in the US, according to the Book Industry Study Group. By summer, reported that eBook sales outpaced hardcover book sales: for every 100 hardcover books sold, Amazon sold 143 Kindle books.
  • By late fall, the Association of American Publishers was reporting that eBook sales made up 9 percent of total consumer book sales. Continue Reading…
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