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Eek! EBooks!

We’ve been looking at the explosive trend of eBook distribution and the decline of traditional publishing these last few weeks. I want to share a few more points impacting the old model of publishing and contributing to its downfall. So many forces are tearing it down, and here are a few that Mark Coker, founder of the eBook distribution site Smashwords, mentioned in his eBook seminar:

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Doors to Publishing That Were Never Open Before

Last week, Mark Coker, founder of the eBook distributions site Smashwords, posted a blog summarizing his company’s performance over 2011 and made some observations on the explosive trends happening now in the eBook world. Coker started Smashwords only four years ago as a means to change the way books were published, marketed, and sold. He says, “I believed authors should have the freedom to publish directly to their readers without the interference of publishing gatekeepers. My ideas were not unique. The great Dan Poynter has been evangelizing the virtues of self-publishing for over 30 years.”  Now, at the end of 2011, Smashwords has more than 92,000 titles published, up from 28,800 at the end of last year. Continue Reading…

Insights on EBook Trends

I touched last week on traditional publishing’s downfall. I want to share some points I gleaned from the Smashwords eBook seminar I took. Mark Coker started his site just a few years ago in order to provide a site for authors to upload and distribute their books in electronic form to the world. Smashwords is just one distributor “out there” that gets your book into dozens of catalogs worldwide for readers to access.

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