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6 Helpful Tips For Effective Social Media Promotion of Your Ebook

Today’s guest post is from Anna Fox, who runs the blog Manifest Connection—which provides practical help for writers to get organized and equipped, and be productive in their writing efforts.

Becoming a published novelist is no easy task, but the possibilities presented by the Internet make it that much easier to take control of your own creative future by self-publishing your work in ebook format. While this route will allow you complete creative control over your novel, with no opinionated editors around to push your plot in unforeseen directions, you will have to deal with the loss of a dedicated marketing team.

Thankfully, the seemingly endless opportunities presented by social media can help you to even the advertising odds, so long as you know what you’re doing. Continue Reading…

10 Risks You Run if You Don’t Proofread Your Manuscript

Today’s guest post is from my beloved editing mentor Kathy Ide. Kathy is the person who introduced me to the world of copyediting, and taught me so many of my foundational rules about being an editor. The first being: put your work away when your husband comes home and give him some attention. Okay, that may have nothing to do with the mechanics of editing, but it’s been an important part of my editing life (and maybe good advice for all writers too).

Kathy has a new editing book out, which pairs nicely with my Say What? grammar guide out this month for fiction writers. I always say (or maybe I should start saying) that you can’t have too many great writing and editing books! So be sure to pick hers up here. Kathy shares today 10 points that should get you thinking about learning some proofreading chops.

Have you seen the plaques and T-shirts that say this?:

Let’s Eat Grandma.
Let’s Eat, Grandma.
 Commas Save Lives.

I love that! It shows how one tiny bit of punctuation can change the entire meaning and tone of a sentence. Continue Reading…

How Your Habits Help You Write a Book

Today’s guest post is by author and writing instructor Alex Strike:

Writing is not an easy process at all. I’d realized it once I tried to write my very first article on the topic of gambling. Yes, the topic is not the best and noblest one, but even something seemingly easy to write about posed a problem for me. Have you ever tried to describe the rules of playing blackjack in a way that it would be interesting even for people who had never heard of this game at all? Believe me, it is not easy.

And now, when some of my friends try to persuade me that every person can write, I just smile and do not even try to change their minds because it would simply be a waste of time. To understand the process of writing, one should try writing at least something.

Continue Reading…