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A Novel Is Not A Sum Total of Its Parts

This is our last post wrapping up the year’s course on The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction. I hope you now have a toolbox full of great building tools, as well as a handle on how to use them to build strong pillars for your novel. The twelve pillars we’ve looked at are foundational to your story; they hold it up. If any of these pillars are weak, your novel will fail. It’s as simple as that.

I spoke last week about approaching the writing of a novel in a holistic manner rather than piecemeal. In other words, there is a big problem in tackling a huge undertaking such as a novel by looking at the pieces as separate components that can be developed apart from all the others. Continue Reading…

Five Months on the First Scene

Believe it or not, I’ve spent the first five months of 2012 discussing the essential elements that must be in the first scene in your book. Wow! Some of those elements, of course, pertain to all your scenes, but I’ve covered them all in as much detail as I (and maybe you) probably want to at this point. In case you never got your nifty first page checklist , download it here. And if you haven’t been following this blog, you can go back and read through the posts of the various elements and hone your writing ability—for that’s what this blog is all about. Continue Reading…

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