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10 Reasons to Self-Publish–No More Excuses

I so enjoyed this list of 10 reasons to skip traditional publishing by Robert Bidinotto at PJ Media.com under their Lifestyle section on May 29th that I’m going to repost (reiterate) them here. After having “waited” 23 years to get published, spending all that time hearing my agents (six of them in total) tell me what a great writer I was and how they were sure they’d be able to sell my book(s) any second, I finally did get my first traditional publishing contract through a contest I entered. It was a big contract with one of the “Big Six” publishers. I thought when that book came out (my suspense/drama Someone to Blame), I would finally, finally, be on my way to best-sellerdom. It was a breakout novel—a shoo-in. Was I wrong.

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EBook Statistics Update

Since we’re about halfway into 2012, I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the eBook statistics (and ereader stats) coming out. Christopher Maselli, on his blog in May, gave a pretty exciting list of statistics that should confirm that eBooks are not only here to stay but are gaining strength. To look at his sources, which he lists quite specifically (which is great), take a look at the original post he did did on Ebooks, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iPad. But I’ve listed here the stats I find particularly interesting (and exciting): Continue Reading…

Digital Publishing–A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Today’s guest post is by best-selling author and indie publisher Bob Mayer, who shares cutting-edge news about the digital explosion in publishing at his blog Write it Forward.

When I spoke at writers’ conferences in years past, people would ask me to sum up the publishing industry. I would say: “Slow. Technophobic.”

Those words were eerily prescient as traditional publishing not only failed to see the rise of digital books, they’re still hanging on to their old ways of doing things by their fingernails. I’m even seeing articles, blogs, and announcements that eBooks have plateaued and the storm has been weathered and let’s go back to business as usual. Continue Reading…

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