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The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing and How You Can Correct Them

This year, I, along with four other editors, have been going deep into the fatal flaws of fiction writing on Wednesdays. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the posts and benefiting from all the many discussions and examples we’ve shared. The response from readers has been wonderful, and it’s our hope you’ve been learning much to help you spot the fatal flaws and fix them.

The best way to benefit from this huge amount of content is to have it all at your fingertips for easy access. As with the other courses I’ve taught on Live Write Thrive the last few years, we have compiled and reworked these blog posts, added a truckload of additional material and Before and After passages, put in checklists and bonus passages, and created this new writing craft book in The Writer’s Toolbox Series.

We believe this book will be an invaluable resource for every fiction writer, and you can preorder it now as a Kindle ebook here! The print book will release with the ebook on December 1. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for your writer friends, look no further! Continue Reading…

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