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Novel Construction Begins with Concept

Last week we dove into the idea of constructing a novel, likening a novel to the roof of a building. In this course that will run the entire year, we’re going to look at the 12 support pillars of novel construction and how each pillar must be built so that it can hold up the story you hope to convey to your readers. I mentioned how a great building contractor will combine both book learning (which stands for any type of instructional learning) with hands-on knowledge, but that book learning alone can’t teach a person all they need to know to become proficient in a vocation.

And the converse is especially true for writers. You can’t just dive in and write something as complex as a novel without some book learning. But all too often that’s just what aspiring novelists do. Which, as I explained, ends up unproductive and a waste of valuable time. To become proficient at writing fiction, you have to learn as much as you can from the best teachers and books, then apply what you learn in practice. And although there is a wealth of diverse information “out there” for writers, basic structure, like established building codes, underlies all the best novels that have been written over the years, all over the world.  Continue Reading…

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