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5 Things I Learned in My First Year of Self-Publishing

My post on the five things I learned about self-publishing in 2012 is the first of a dozen posts by various indie authors sharing their insights on their publishing journey during the very erratic and exciting publishing arena of 2012. I hope you will read these each week and glean some great advice on how to forge ahead on your own publishing journey.

After a lengthy look at strategic planning in December, I felt it would be a good time for personal reflection on my foray into self-publishing. After seeing my first few novels come out in print, published by traditional publishers, over the past three years, I decided to venture into the waters of self-publishing. When I launched my blog January 1, 2012, my aim was to explore self-publishing and glean insights from both professionals and authors involved in this brave new world. Continue Reading…

From Writer to Author to Publisher to Marketer

Today’s guest post is from Book Designer and blogger Joel Friedlander, and this content originally appeared on his website The Book Designer on May 11, 2012. Since self-publishing often feels like a daunting juggling act of roles, I felt this would be a great post to share. Joel was kind enough to allow me to repost this great information, so here it is!

One of the amazing things that happens when you start self-publishing is a certain kind of evolution. Almost all self-publishers start off as writers, of course. But it’s what happens next that’s really interesting. Follow along here and see what you think. Continue Reading…

Indie Author Crests the Mountain of Publishing

I’ve been featuring guest bloggers who’ve had some success with self-publishing, in print and with ebooks. Some have been traditionally published and others have ventured out as indie authors. By having many authors writing in various genres around the world speak about the publishing experience and sharing helpful tips, hopefully their insights and suggestions will smooth out your road to success.

Today’s guest post is by author Carol Bodensteiner from Iowa:

Before I stepped onto the indie publishing path, I asked a friend who’d published a number of books both traditionally and independently if she thought I could go from manuscript to books in my garage in seven months. Her comment: It’s not a mountain, but it’s not a molehill either. She was right. Continue Reading…

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