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4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips

Today’s guest post is from social media expert Frances Caballo, who has some great tips for writers on streamlining and assessing time spent on social media sites. She’s just released a new book called Avoid Social Media Time Suck, which I’ve devoured and highly recommend every writer purchase! This is just a short bit from her book:

What is time suck? It’s the hours of time you can unintentionally spend in front of your computer reviewing Facebook posts, retweeting your Tweeps, and uploading photos while your writing and maybe even your family await your undivided attention.

We’ve all lost time while using Facebook. Perhaps our only intention was to post an update and an image, but then . . . look what happens instead. You see a post from a friend who is feeling down, so you stop to write an encouraging note. Then you notice that a colleague posted a great article about self-publishing and you can’t resist the temptation to read it. You navigate to the website with the article and you find a book for sale there. You’ve got to have it. So you go to Amazon, read the reviews, and decide whether you want a new or used version or an ebook. Continue Reading…

6 Helpful Tips For Effective Social Media Promotion of Your Ebook

Today’s guest post is from Anna Fox, who runs the blog Manifest Connection—which provides practical help for writers to get organized and equipped, and be productive in their writing efforts.

Becoming a published novelist is no easy task, but the possibilities presented by the Internet make it that much easier to take control of your own creative future by self-publishing your work in ebook format. While this route will allow you complete creative control over your novel, with no opinionated editors around to push your plot in unforeseen directions, you will have to deal with the loss of a dedicated marketing team.

Thankfully, the seemingly endless opportunities presented by social media can help you to even the advertising odds, so long as you know what you’re doing. Continue Reading…

Crowdsource Your Self-Publishing Project without Asking for Money

Today’s guest post is by blogger/author Dana Sitar, giving indie authors some tips on how to fund and find support for the publishing of their books.

You want to self-publish, but the numbers you’re hearing from experts are a little intimidating. Can you afford to produce a quality book without the backing of a publisher or thousands of fans?

Kickstarting your indie project is all the rage these days, and with good reason; allowing fans and readers to elect your next projects by funding them is a perfect way to ensure you’re creating exactly what they want next. But don’t get swept away by this trend—crowdfunding (asking for money) isn’t the only way to tap into your audience for support. Continue Reading…

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