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Creative Mind Mapping for Novelists

Brainstorming ideas seems to be one of the hardest stages in the writing process for many novelists. As I discussed in a previous post, this storm of ideas that flash and thunder in our brains often appears unruly and difficult to harness. I introduced the practice of mind mapping, which is used across many disciplines—such as in classrooms for essay writing and in business meetings to problem-solve. Mind mapping can be used in just about any situation when ideas need to be reeled in and transformed into practical application. Continue Reading…

Harnessing the Storm in Your Brain through Mind Mapping

Have you ever tried to brainstorm an idea, only to find yourself with pages of information, but no clear view of how it all fits together? Or you look down at all the random words and have no idea what to do next?

Last week I talked about the difficulties of brainstorming, and how intimidating that process can be. Many writers have no clear methods to help them generate ideas, or take ideas to the next stage, which will lead to a finished product of a blog post, article, or work of fiction. This is where the technique of mind mapping can help you. Continue Reading…

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