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Finding Themes in a Brainstorm

Today we’re continuing with my favorite topic–themes. Some writing teachers believe theme is either intrinsic in your story or it’s not, but I disagree. Theme is a deliberate element, and it can be a core of your story. And as I’ve stood on my soapbox and said earlier (with quite a bit of passion), you really need to plan these things out in advance. Don’t just jump into writing a novel when you get a cool plot idea or premise. Think for a while about the themes you may want to bring out that work in that story. After all, there  has to be some reason you are writing it, and hopefully that reason comes from something in your heart. So bring it out. Continue Reading…

The Heart of Your Story ~ Theme

Time to dive into another big novel element that speaks directly to the heart of your story–and that’s what this blog is all about. I’m going to delve deeply into themes because I feel a great book always has a great (or more than one great) theme. Hear what Donald Maass writes in Writing the Breakout Novel: “Most authors launch into their manuscripts without giving any thought to theme. Breakout novelists, on the other hand, generally are writing for a reason. They have something to say. . . . When [readers] run across a novel that has nothing to say, they snap it closed and slap it down–or perhaps hurl it across the room.” Continue Reading…

The Place Where All Stories Begin

I thought it would be appropriate to start the New Year focusing on beginnings. Most authors know that the beginning or opening of a novel is the most crucial and carries the weightiest burden of any other scene or chapter in your entire book. The opening scene must convey so many things that often the author will have to rewrite it numerous times to get it right, and sometimes the best time to rewrite the opening scene is when your novel is done.

Why? Because at that point you have (hopefully) developed your rich themes and motifs, thoroughly explored your protagonist’s heart and character arc, and have brought your plot to a stunning and satisfying conclusion (you can be sure we’ll be going in depth regarding ending scenes later on).

Continue Reading…

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