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Catching Readers in Your Net

Too often novels are just a string of events, with one thing happening after another, mostly plot and little heart. No, there’s nothing wrong with a book with a great plot that takes you on a ride. Most of us love rides. Just head over to a Disneyland or Six Flags any odd day and see how many people will wait in line an hour or two (or more) for a two-minute ride.

I used to shake my head and make for the refreshment stand when spending a “roller day” with my family, wondering how my husband and daughters could stand in line like that, all for a quick, cheap thrill. But even the anticipation while waiting for the roller-coaster ride was a thrill to them. It was all part of the experience.

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Ways Writers Can Spark Creativity

Writers are always seeking the spark of creativity that will translate into a flame of brilliance as they write their stories. Although much of writing is just hard work and concentration, that doesn’t mean passion for story has to be pushed aside or is inaccessible due to the “nuts and bolts” of crafting a novel or other piece of writing.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at what passion looks like in writing and some of the ways writers can tap into the passion of their story. Granted, it helps for a writer to be writing on a subject they feel strongly about. It may be a theme the writer wants to explore as a way to share her heart on the subject. Or it may be an exciting “what if” plot that gets her creative juices going envisioning the diverse and intriguing ways characters might react when put in such situations or crucibles. Continue Reading…

Fanning the Fires of Passionate Writing

It’s not easy to sit down and will yourself to feel passionately about the story you are trying to write. Sometimes you might get revved up with excitement when sharing your plot ideas with a friend, but when you sit down to write, you either can’t rekindle that thrill for your story or you don’t know how to grab on to that essence of fire and infuse it into your story.

It’s not easy to translate concepts that feel like hot sparks of brilliance into words that actually ignite a reader’s soul, but some writers seem to be able to do it. Maybe you’ve had a few moments when the writing spilled out of you and you watched almost from a distance, awed by the words appearing on the screen or page. Those of us who know how special that feeling is—when the passion of our story emerges in a seeming explosion of inspired beauty—want to be able to “get to that place” as often as we can. But is there a way to do that?

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