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Little Hacks Writers Can Use to Be Productive

Last week we talked about hacking. Finding ways to work around ourselves (our own objections or resistance) to get our writing done. This is a kind of metal game we play, and sometimes we gotta do it.

One hack that works for me is clearing out my pressing emails. I just can’t wait till the end of the day to deal with them. If you can’t either, then aiming for In-box Zero is a good objective. If we know we have a pile-up of emails we need to get to, it can prey on our minds when we’re trying to focus on our writing. By creating numerous personal folders in our mail program, we have a place to put them all.

Create one folder labeled “to do today.”

When you take that one minute to glance through your emails (after every half hour of writing, if that’s the schedule you’ve decided upon), see which emails can first be deleted, which ones can be answered in that one minute (sometimes a “hey, thanks!” is all you need to respond with) and then answer those, and then assess which ones need to be answered but will take more than a minute. Stick those in your “to do today” folder. Continue Reading…

How to Hack Your Way to Writing Productivity

Today, the word hack has taken on a different meaning than what it used to mean. Previously, when you hacked into something, it usually involved an ax or sledgehammer. Something that would cause some serious damage.

We’ve also heard about people who hack or break into computer systems.

But there’s a different kind of hacking that’s helpful to writers, and in this case, hacking means a workaround. Finding a back door to slip in through.

When it comes to our brains, it helps at times to do a little hacking. We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to being productive. Bear with me on this. I’ll explain. Continue Reading…

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