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5 Ways to Make Google Your “Assistant Publicist”

Today’s guest post is by Rusty Shelton, publicist and CEO of Shelton Interactive, a full-service digital agency dedicated to helping authors. I asked Rusty to chime in with advice for writers trying to figure out useful ways to market and promote their books.

Putting Google to Work for You

There is no substitute for working with a top-tier publicity firm with established relationships, but it is also important to understand how important Google can be for authors as an assistant publicist. The media environment has changed dramatically over the past four years. According to Forrester Research, between the years 2000-2008 one in four media jobs disappeared. As startling as that statistic is, when you consider that the time period surveyed is before our current recession really got underway, you can start to appreciate why media members are so overloaded with potential stories to cover. Continue Reading…

10 Reasons to Self-Publish–No More Excuses

I so enjoyed this list of 10 reasons to skip traditional publishing by Robert Bidinotto at PJ Media.com under their Lifestyle section on May 29th that I’m going to repost (reiterate) them here. After having “waited” 23 years to get published, spending all that time hearing my agents (six of them in total) tell me what a great writer I was and how they were sure they’d be able to sell my book(s) any second, I finally did get my first traditional publishing contract through a contest I entered. It was a big contract with one of the “Big Six” publishers. I thought when that book came out (my suspense/drama Someone to Blame), I would finally, finally, be on my way to best-sellerdom. It was a breakout novel—a shoo-in. Was I wrong.

Continue Reading…

Doors to Publishing That Were Never Open Before

Last week, Mark Coker, founder of the eBook distributions site Smashwords, posted a blog summarizing his company’s performance over 2011 and made some observations on the explosive trends happening now in the eBook world. Coker started Smashwords only four years ago as a means to change the way books were published, marketed, and sold. He says, “I believed authors should have the freedom to publish directly to their readers without the interference of publishing gatekeepers. My ideas were not unique. The great Dan Poynter has been evangelizing the virtues of self-publishing for over 30 years.”  Now, at the end of 2011, Smashwords has more than 92,000 titles published, up from 28,800 at the end of last year. Continue Reading…

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