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If You Don’t Learn This Truth, You May Be Missing Out on Big Book Sales

I’m going to share with you the #1 reason I feel novelists—and probably many nonfiction writers—see their books flop instead of topping the best-seller charts.

They fail to target genre.

You may think that “targeting genre” is merely about choosing a category for your book. But it’s much more than that.

Don’t Just Slap On a Genre Label

Just stating that your book is a romance or a mystery or a fantasy novel gets you nowhere. In fact, generalizing the genre of your book only puts it in a gigantic virtual pile of other books with that same label. And with the current glut of ebooks, that makes it close to impossible for readers to discover your book.

You may have been taught that generalizing is the best strategy—cast a wide net and you’ll pull in the most readers. But, in reality, the opposite is true. The more you can specialize and tailor your book to a narrow slot for a specific audience looking for a specific book, the better your chances at big sales. Continue Reading…

How Targeting Genre Can Make the Difference in Your Writing Career

Face it: with more than 4,000 new ebooks published daily, the chance that your novel will sell big is slim.

99% of self-published novels never sell more than a handful of copies.

Despite extensive marketing and promotion efforts, most authors still fail to get discovered, resulting in frustration and heartache. There is nothing more disappointing for an author than to write a terrific novel and watch it flop.

Few sales. Few reviews. A handful of new fans. All those months of hard work writing a stellar novel . . . and zilch returns.

Why is it that some authors’ books skyrocket up the best-seller lists, when their books are comparable to yours—often even worse? Continue Reading…

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