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How to Finally Finish That Novel

Today’s guest post is by multipublished author and writing instructor Cathy Yardley:

Are you a closet fiction writer? Have you been playing around with a story for months—maybe years—but you just can’t seem to get it on paper? Or have you been trying to complete it, only to get sidetracked and stall out, time after time? In my experience, most resistance to writing a novel falls into the four following camps:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Fear
  • Process

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8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

Today’s guest post is from Robert Morris:

There isn’t a writer who has never experienced a motivational block. Sometimes your mood prevents you from writing brilliantly, no matter how much you want to complete the piece you are working on. Your motivation can be drained away by a difficult rejection, procrastination, or constant distractions you cannot get away from.

If you found yourself in such situation, then it’s the right time to start exploring some innovative tools that will keep you focused and enhance your motivation to write faster and better. Check these tools out, and you can come back to thank me later. Continue Reading…

5 Tips to Gain Confidence and Overcome Writer’s Doubt

Today’s  guest post is by Bryan Hutchinson, author of the popular blog for writers, Positive Writer

Writer’s Doubt is insidious. It’s the fear within each of us that causes us to stall, reconsider, and—if we don’t fight back and overcome it—end up quitting.

What makes Writer’s Doubt so challenging is that it comes from within us. Yes, there are people who have criticized our writing and told us in one way or another that we’re not good enough. Some of us have even had teachers or editors tell us to give it up. But their words are nothing compared to the harshest critic of all: ourselves. Continue Reading…

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