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How to be a First-Time Novelist (without Going Insane)

Today’s guest post is by author Jenny Bravo with some great tips on maintaining (or finding) sanity:

When I first decided to tackle English as a major, I was starry-eyed and hopeful, thinking to myself, “I’m going to write a novel; I just know it.” I loved my classes, adored my teachers, and lived in a collegiate bubble where everyone had potential. For every bad critique, a good one followed close behind. No writer was left behind.

Sound familiar?

Now, almost a year out of graduation, I’m living in a new, less structured writer bubble. It’s called “The First Time Novelist” bubble. There are days when I feel I have it all together, when the writing flows and I think to myself, “This is too easy.” Then there are days when I sit in front of the computer screen, staring at the keyboard with nothing in my brain but a recap of last night’s New Girl. Continue Reading…

How Your Habits Help You Write a Book

Today’s guest post is by author and writing instructor Alex Strike:

Writing is not an easy process at all. I’d realized it once I tried to write my very first article on the topic of gambling. Yes, the topic is not the best and noblest one, but even something seemingly easy to write about posed a problem for me. Have you ever tried to describe the rules of playing blackjack in a way that it would be interesting even for people who had never heard of this game at all? Believe me, it is not easy.

And now, when some of my friends try to persuade me that every person can write, I just smile and do not even try to change their minds because it would simply be a waste of time. To understand the process of writing, one should try writing at least something.

Continue Reading…

Advice I Wish I’d Been Given When I Started My Novel-Writing Journey

This concludes our series asking some seasoned, experienced authors what three key bits of advice they would give new writers that they wished they’d known when they started writing. We all wish someone had given us gems of wisdom that would help us avoid wasting precious time and making serious career mistakes. In the first post of this series, I mentioned I would share my three bits of advice, so here they are. Oh, how I wish someone had told me these things when I started writing novels nearly thirty years ago!

If I could go back in time and sit my younger self down to have a serious talk about the years of rough road ahead, I would have a lot more than three main bits of advice. I think a daylong discussion would ensue, and perhaps (well, more like probably) at the end of it, my younger self would decide the best course of action would be to avoid beginning the arduous novel journey at all. Continue Reading…

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