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How to Avoid Writing a Boring Story

This is the time of year when many writers (or aspiring ones) commit to the fun madness that is NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is a huge ubiquitous event, with thousands of people spending the month of November writing a novel. It can surely be a fun exercise in creativity, stick-to-itiveness, and high-goal-setting.

But regardless if you are joining the mad crowd in this endeavor or not, there are some basic things every writer should consider before committing any amount of time to a project.

Don’t Bother Writing a Boring Story

It should go without saying that if your own story idea bores you, maybe you shouldn’t waste weeks, months, or years of your life writing that book. Don’t just write a book to write one, unless you just want to challenge yourself to accomplish such a goal, which is what some people strive to do during Nanowrimo. I’ve spoken to many people who wrote a novel just to see if they could do it, and for many, that end was satisfying in itself.

But for a serious career novelist (or poet or short-story writer) who wants to tell a compelling story, and hopefully more than just one in his lifetime, it’s a good idea for him to come up with a concept that excites him, for whatever reasons. Continue Reading…

10 Ways to Spark Your Story Ideas

Today’s guest post is by Chrys Fey.

Artists are naturally afraid that their well of ideas will dry up and they won’t ever get another good idea. All you need is a spark. The good news is a spark can be anything and found anywhere.

I started writing when I was a little girl, after I found a rusted screw with a crooked tip hidden in the grass. At first I had hoped it was a key to a secret place, as I was very much enamored with the idea of having my very own secret garden.

Funny enough, I wasn’t disappointed when I noticed I held a screw, not a key. Instead, the gears in my mind started to spin, and I wondered: What if this screw is a just screw in my world but a key in another world? What if it’s the key to another world? I started to imagine what that world would be like. And just like that, I had a story idea.

But what if you wrote your one good story idea already, and you’ve been anxiously waiting for another one to arrive? Now you fear you won’t ever get another decent idea. Continue Reading…

How Writers Can Stretch Creatively by Looking outside Their Genre

Today’s post is by author Antwan Crump.

Stuck in a rut? Writer’s block got you down? Feel like you’ve hit an artistic plateau? These are all good signs of burgeoning career.

Though the problem may seem unsolvable, rest assured that with determination and knowledge of your craft, the problem is only temporary. At times, the solution lies in simply broadening your focus.

Having a firm understanding of this can not only save you countless hours—of pointless toiling over the keyboard—but also help you to gain control over the momentum of your creativity.

Search for Inspiration outside Your Genre

As a writer, you’ve no doubt found (or are at least on the path to discovering) your voice. That’s amazing. Some people go their entire lives unable to do more than imitate others. Bravo. Continue Reading…

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