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Let’s Go Clubbing! – Why Writers Need to Join Clubs

Today’s guest post is by author, teacher, and counselor Karen Gorback:

The article in the local newspaper was tiny yet enticing. A local writers’ club was soliciting entries for its annual short story contest. My heart raced. A little story about a single mom returning to college had been percolating in my head for years. Should I put my people on paper, allowing other folks to see my story and judge it? Judge me?

The thought was terrifying. Still, at the last minute on the last day to submit entries, I slid the large envelope into a mailbox on my way home from work. Mail pickup would be at five. Yep, I met the deadline for my first entry into a short-story contest. Continue Reading…

6 Ways You Can Prepare Yourself and Your Manuscript for Success

Today’s guest post is by novelist Karen Pashley:

Traveling the writers’ road for the first time? Rest assured, you are in good company. Every single author whose books grace your shelves once walked the very path you are on.

If you’re like me, you may have days when you question the journey. You procrastinate, get frustrated, and endure gut-wrenching rejections. Will you continue? Will you have what it takes to shed those moments of hopelessness and press on?

Here are suggestions to help you avoid some of those potholes on the highway and encourage you to make it all the way to your destination. Continue Reading…

How Small Projects Can Keep You Rolling in the Dry Spells

Today’s guest post is by author Sarah Allen:

Whether we’re between novels or slogging through the slow middle of our work-in-progress, all writers go through periods of feeling creatively weighed down. Some writers go through weeks or even months when every word of their novel feels like it’s been wrung from a dry sponge. It can be heartbreaking when these heavyweight projects—into which we’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears—seem to be absolutely unwilling to cooperate. Continue Reading…

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