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10 Tips to Help You Avoid Procrastinating

A couple of weeks ago I talked about this distracting world we live in and how procrastinating has been refined into an art form of sorts. We’ve become masters at putting off until tomorrow what we should (or aim to) do today. We often set solid goals for ourselves, but like those ephemeral New Year’s resolutions, they seem to recede in our rearview mirrors as we get overly busy doing other stuff.

I can’t help but be reminded of my favorite Frog and Toad story (by author Arnold Lobel) called “Cookies.” Have you ever read those books? If not, you’re missing out! They contain much sage advise, and great observations of human behavior (even if portrayed by a toad and a frog). Even though it’s been years (decades) since I’ve read those stories, I remember them so clearly. Probably because I read them a gazillion times to my daughters. But also because their gems of wisdom stuck in my brain. Continue Reading…

Wait a Minute while I Procrastinate

Procrastinate. What a funny word. Its roots come from words in Latin that mean tomorrow and forward. In other words, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Maybe you are engaging in a bit of procrastination right now, when you told yourself this is your writing time. Perhaps you were surfing the net hoping for inspiration or direction with a troubling scene you are trying to write, but then got distracted by this blog post title. But I’m glad you stopped in so we can take a look at procrastination. Hopefully, I’ll give you some pointers that will redirect your attention back to where you’d hoped it would go. Continue Reading…

Some Savvy Writing Advice from Famous Authors

Now that I’ve posted a number of quotes from famous authors on the writing craft that I disagree with, to redeem myself, I am going to share some great advice from other famous authors that I heartily agree with. Last week, I talked about the need for writers to develop their intuitive response to their own writing in order to assess whether any advice (or criticism) given should be heeded. Everyone is subjective, and so each person will react to a particular piece of writing differently.

It’s often difficult for writers to stand back and see the flaws in their story, and not every bit of advice is going to be right on. In fact, a lot of advice from even the smartest, well-meaning, and honest critique partner can steer us wrong. It’s up to each writer to get in touch with that place inside that confirms or convicts regarding the wisdom of the advice given. Continue Reading…

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