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Movies Rich in Theme ~ Strictly Ballroom

I can’t resist talking about my favorite movie–well, my entire family’s favorite movie. We have to get our fix, watching Strictly Ballroom, nearly every time we’re all home for a weekend. Although we can mouth and act out every line (can’t quite master all the dance steps yet!), we never tire of this movie. We sit, absolutely transfixed, as we watch Francesca and Scott dance the Paso Doble. There are a few movies that hold the same fascination for me–and they all have one thing in common–great themes.

Movies Rich in Theme ~ K-Pax

Okay, got your popcorn? Today we’re going to look at the movie K-Pax–one of my favorites. Why do I love this movie so much? Because aside from the fact it tells a great story with heart and has a terrific  and creative plot, it has very rich themes that anchor this movie and make it so very special. Although the story seems to be about some guy who claims to come from a faraway planet, it is not a sci-fi flick (similar to Signs, which also is really not about aliens at all). Continue Reading…

Finding Themes in a Brainstorm

Today we’re continuing with my favorite topic–themes. Some writing teachers believe theme is either intrinsic in your story or it’s not, but I disagree. Theme is a deliberate element, and it can be a core of your story. And as I’ve stood on my soapbox and said earlier (with quite a bit of passion), you really need to plan these things out in advance. Don’t just jump into writing a novel when you get a cool plot idea or premise. Think for a while about the themes you may want to bring out that work in that story. After all, there  has to be some reason you are writing it, and hopefully that reason comes from something in your heart. So bring it out. Continue Reading…

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