The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction: Your Blueprint for Building a Strong Story

The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction takes the mystery out of building a solid story and shows you how to go from idea to complete novel in practical, easy-to-understand steps.

Build smart! Over and over, struggling writers make the same fatal mistakes in their manuscripts. Even writers who have studied all the best writing craft books and taken workshops and followed writers’ blogs still don’t get the structure.Truth is, a lot of writers believe they can write a novel without taking time to learn the nuts and bolts of novel construction. Just as with building a house, writers need to adeptly wield the proper tools and materials, and follow structurally sound rules if they hope to “build a novel.”

Build strong! Smart writers will take the time to learn how to structure strong pillars that will hold up their novels. This new comprehensive writing craft book clearly lays out just how to build each essential pillar so it can carry the weight of your story. Without such foundational support, collapse is inevitable.There are 12 key pillars of novel construction, and if any of these pillars is weak, made of faulty materials, it will compromise the integrity of your novel.

Build a novel that will stand up to scrutiny and thrill readers! Inside, you’ll learn:

  • what the four primary support pillars are, and why and how you need to build those first, before tackling any other components in your novel.
  • how to determine if an idea has the potential to become a riveting concept with a kicker, and how to transform that idea into a stunning concept.
  • what high stakes is really all about and how to ensure your novel is exploding with them.
  • the secret to creating a riveting protagonist, and the two goals he needs to be pursuing.
  • what tension really is and how to ramp it up in your novel.
  • the key to portraying evocative settings and how to come up with them.
  • 7 important tips to creating believable dialog.
  • what voice is, and how it differs from writing style.
  • ways to brainstorm ideas for plot, themes, motifs, setting, and rich characters through asking a series of questions that will take you deep below the surface of your story.
  • what the difference is between theme and motif, and why both are essential.
  • Ideas and instructions on how to mind map your characters, plot, settings, themes—all the important elements of your story—and integrate them into your 12 pillars.

In addition, you’ll get 12 comprehensive “inspection checklists,” each with 12 sets of deep, thought-provoking questions meant to ensure your pillars are truly strong enough to hold the weight of your story. You need to pass every inspection!

Don’t waste time trying to guess at novel structure. By using this concise, detailed blueprint, you can be sure you’ll end up with a terrific novel—every time!

The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction is part of The Writer’s Toolbox Series of writing craft books for novelists. Be sure to get all of the books so you’ll have your toolbox filled to the brim with the tools you need to write novels that readers will rave about!

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