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Inside Tips on How Authors Can Get Their Novels Made into Films

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Today’s guest post is from Mike Monaco, of Author’s Marketing Pro:

Blockbuster movies based on books, such as The Hunger Games, make authors think about how they too can turn self-published books into movies. The studio trend towards self-published material is something savvy authors can capitalize on, if they hope to see their stories on the big screen.

At Author’s Marketing Pro, I work closely with both authors and movie producers. Instead of focusing on New York Times bestsellers, movie studios are increasingly interested in self-published material. Both Wool by Hugh Howey and The Martian by Andy Weir were self-published books later sold to Twentieth-Century Fox to be turned into movies. These books garnered the producer’s attention by first becoming bestsellers on Amazon.com.  It was only after this that they became New York Times bestsellers. Continue Reading…

12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction


Layering Motifs in Your Novel for Powerful Effect

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There is still time to VOTE for LIVE WRITE THRIVE as one of the top ten blogs for writers for 2014. I would be grateful if you would take a moment to do this as a way of saying thanks for all the helpful posts and instruction you glean from this blog. HERE’S THE LINK—just put the blog name and URL in the comments and say why you feel this blog is deserving. My blog is a labor of love for all writers striving to write the best books possible! I’m grateful. Now . . . here is the last post on the last pillar of novel construction!

When our beach house fell off a cliff due to El Nino years ago, we felt a horrible sense of loss at this sudden catastrophe. We had been married on the back deck, and the spot we’d stood upon and said our vows now hung out sixty feet in the air, a hundred feet above the roaring surf. In combing the beach after the disaster, I picked up one brick from the fireplace that we’d spent many long, peaceful hours in front of, watching the crackling fire and listening to the pounding surf.

I kept that brick on my kitchen window sill for years, and you can imagine the symbolism it held for me—and not just reminding me of my loss. For it also symbolized for me that something solid was salvaged from the wreck of my house (and of my family, which suffered massive emotional destruction). Seeing it gave me resolve, comfort, inspiration. Continue Reading…

Say What?


Clear and Present Antecedents


Pronouns take the place of nouns. When you use a pronoun, you must be sure that its antecedent (what it refers to) is clear. For instance, who does her refer to in this sentence?

  • Both Heidi and Mary loved her children.

Her is an unclear antecedent because we don’t know if it refers to Heidi’s children or Mary’s children.

So let’s look at one word that can be a little tricky: other. It’s one of those words that serves multiple roles in our language—noun, pronoun, adjective, or adverb. But for our purposes right now, let’s look at its role as a pronoun.

You’ve probably read a sentence like this a hundred times and never given it much thought:

  • Jesse’s artwork has been displayed in the Omaha Public Library, Creighton University, and the governor’s mansion, among others.

Then again, you may have wondered, “among other whats?” Here others does not have a clear antecedent. It’s a pronoun without a noun. What do the proper nouns in this sentence have in common? Continue Reading…

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