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6 Cinematic Techniques You Can Apply to Your Novel Right Now

Many of us were raised watching thousands of movies and television shows. The style, technique, and methods used in film and TV are so familiar to us, we process them comfortably. To some degree, we now expect these elements to appear in the novels we read—if not consciously, then subconsciously.

We know what makes a riveting scene in a movie, and what makes a boring one—at least viscerally. And though our tastes differ, certainly, for the most part we agree when a scene “works” or doesn’t. It either accomplishes what the writer or director has set out to do, or it flops.

As writers, we can learn from this visual storytelling; what makes a great movie can also strengthen a novel or short story. Much of the technique filmmakers use can be adapted to fiction writing. Continue Reading…

Attacking the Tactics and Strategy for Successful Writing

In continuation from last week’s post reviewing the key points of strategic planning, we’re going to look at how to formulate a simple, approachable strategy to help you reach those writing goals and big dreams you have for your career. We took a look at what a writing vision considers: what you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to do. If you haven’t laid down that vision, come up with sample statements similar to the ones in that post. (If you’d like to review the more extensive series I posted last year, start with this post.) Continue Reading…

Revisiting Your Strategic Plan

Since we are now done with Shoot Your Novel, and I’m gearing up to present another full year of instruction for novelists, I thought I’d take some time in these last open blog spots to talk about writing goals.

Last year at this time, I shared a number of posts with you on strategic planning for writers. Now that the year 2013 is ending, I thought it would be good to revisit some of the key points from those posts to get you thinking a bit about 2014, to help you set some writing goals that you can aspire to. Continue Reading…

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