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5 Steps Writers Can Follow to Optimize Their Inner Circle

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Today’s guest post is by YA writer Kirsten McNeill.

So you’ve written your first book. You’ve created a beautiful story, and you connect with it as if it’s your first child. You’ve published your book and posted about it all over social media. What next?

You’re staring at the number of book sales, waiting, hoping, for them to rise. But they don’t. Why aren’t people swooning over it?

You’ve plastered it all over the place, and you feel you’ve shoved it in everyone’s face so much that you’re afraid they’ll unfollow you.

The truth is, you’re not being pushy enough.

This is your first book, so obviously you don’t have much of a following yet. Trust me, I know that feeling. I’m still in the process of growing my following, and my first book isn’t even published yet. Continue Reading…

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Writers Make When Seeking Book Reviews

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Today’s guest post is by top Amazon reviewer Gisela Hausmann. This content originally ran on the Huffington Post, and it is reprinted here with her permission.

The day before yesterday, I received an email asking me to review an indie author’s book. Somewhat ironically, this request email stated, “As you liked (title of book), you might also love my newest book, (title), because it’s in the same category as the book you already reviewed . . .”

I remembered the book I supposedly “liked.” I didn’t like it at all; I had awarded it with a negative review.

Obviously, this indie author made a mistake; most likely, because he rushed trying to find as many top reviewers as possible to whom he could offer his book “in return for an objective and unbiased review.” Continue Reading…

How Writers Can Stretch Creatively by Looking outside Their Genre

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Today’s post is by author Antwan Crump.

Stuck in a rut? Writer’s block got you down? Feel like you’ve hit an artistic plateau? These are all good signs of burgeoning career.

Though the problem may seem unsolvable, rest assured that with determination and knowledge of your craft, the problem is only temporary. At times, the solution lies in simply broadening your focus.

Having a firm understanding of this can not only save you countless hours—of pointless toiling over the keyboard—but also help you to gain control over the momentum of your creativity.

Search for Inspiration outside Your Genre

As a writer, you’ve no doubt found (or are at least on the path to discovering) your voice. That’s amazing. Some people go their entire lives unable to do more than imitate others. Bravo. Continue Reading…

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