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The Editorial Burden That Weighs on the Author

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In 1957, an editor at Lippincott publishing house received a manuscript on her desk from an unknown author who had written what was mostly a string of short stories. Her task? To work with the author to help her get the manuscript in shape so that it would be marketable and read well.

This was the job of in-house editors back then. Often manuscripts like these would be given to them to whip into shape, and Tay Hohoff was given this enormous task of working with this unknown author—an undertaking that took two and a half years—until finally, the manuscript was ready for publication. Continue Reading…

5 Writer Goals to Help You Avoid Overwhelm

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do to be a writer? If so, join the club. Sometimes the writing journey feels overwhelming. There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish the mind-boggling amount of things we writers feel must get done in order to grow not just as writers but in order to establish our place in the publishing world.

Years ago, all an author had to do was write a book and send it off to a publisher (one handwritten copy at a time!), and if her manuscript was accepted, the publisher did all the work of publishing and promoting. Now, authors have to be writer, marketer, publicist—and sometimes publisher—in order to make strides to become known and to have their books sold and distributed. Continue Reading…

Redefining Success in Order to Stay Sane

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Have you ever asked: “What on earth possessed me to want to be a novelist?” Are you starting to realize this journey of being an author is not a short sprint but a marathon—and often a grueling one at that?

When you hear of the numbers of novels submitted to agents and publishers each year (in the six figures), you sometimes think winning the lottery offers better odds than getting traditionally published. But then . . . you finally break through and get a contract, and months later are holding your brand-new brilliant release in your hand, feeling like you’ve finally arrived.

Not Even Fifteen Minutes of Fame . . .

Yet . . . if you’re like me, the flashbulb moment of that exhilaration lasts a very short time, only to turn into something akin to another stark, depressing realization—that the odds your book will become a huge hit or best seller is . . . well, about the same odds as winning the lottery, and you’re back to the same place (or almost the same place emotionally) as you were when you first starting sending out your first queries to agents. Continue Reading…

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