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3 Ways Great Nonfiction Can Be the Fiction Writer’s Greatest Resource

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Today’s guest post is from author Daryl Rothman:

There’s nothing like good fiction. Never am I more inspired to write something good than immediately after reading something good. But a funny thing has happened along the way.

My best writing, the greatest surges of fiction/writing inspiration, occurred after reading great nonfiction. Not only was it inspiring me, it was making me write better. But why? And how can it help your writing too? Continue Reading…

Why Write Fiction? The Page versus the Screen

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Today’s guest post is by author and screenwriter William Thacker:

There is more than one way to write a novel, and whenever an author imparts his wisdom on the subject, it should be accompanied by a disclaimer: “In my humble opinion.” A rich and diverse publishing scene doesn’t mean that everyone should write the same way—language is a near-infinite library from which you should be able to pick ’n’ mix however you please.

However, given that the novel is perhaps the default form of choice for aspiring writers—as opposed to writing plays or the ingredients on a cereal box—it’s never a wasted exercise to reflect on what makes a novel a novel in the first place. In doing so, we can all become the best version of ourselves and live happily ever after. Continue Reading…

20 Things That Can Help You Find Inspiration for Writing

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Today’s guest post is by writer Lesley Vos, sharing some great ideas to help evoke inspiration to write.

If you are connected to the process of writing in some way, there is no need to explain to you how important it is to have inspiration. When you’re inspired, you consider your project easy to write, and this process captures you so much that you often forget about food and sleep. But if inspiration seems elusive, you feel utterly discouraged, and you can’t do your job at all.

If writing is just a hobby, you have time to wait for the inspiration needed to finish your post, article, or book chapter. But what can you do when your income is dependent upon your inspiration? The answer is obvious: you should find it! Continue Reading…

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