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Getting Your Book Translated and Published in Other Countries


Today’s guest post is by Laura Callisen:

If you have gone through the process of self-publishing a book, you probably have spent hours making decisions about e-publishing and print publishing, promoting your book, and then waiting for the sales to come in. You may have been working on expanding your market to help generate more sales.

Now that your book is published, you have a larger audience to tap into in other countries. And this now presents a whole new set of challenges.

How are you going to get your book translated and published in other countries? Here are six basic questions you might ask regarding translating books and foreign publishing and some expert answers to help you get started. Continue Reading…

Oh, Those Lovely Adverbs

ice cream sundae

Since we’re examining pesky adverbs and weasel words this month on Wednesdays, I couldn’t resist sharing this entry that I wrote for our compilation book: 5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing (which you can buy online here). Debate rages over whether adverbs are bad for your writing (like too much sugar in your diet?). See what some writers, famous and otherwise, have to say about these “pesky” critters and share your thoughts in the comments.

One of my editing clients just this week wrote and asked me, “What’s the problem with adverbs? Are they really bad to use? Why does everyone say I should take them out of my book?”

Adverbs do have a bad rep. Stephen King was quoted (and endlessly re-quoted) for saying that fantasy author J. K. Rowling “never met an adverb she didn’t like” (and that wasn’t a compliment). Out of curiosity, I read some comments on one of the Harry Potter forums ( to see if “normal” readers are bothered by them as well—or if it’s just us authors that have a bug up our broomstick. Here’s one comment: Continue Reading…

The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing and How You Can Correct Them


This year, I, along with four other editors, have been going deep into the fatal flaws of fiction writing on Wednesdays. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the posts and benefiting from all the many discussions and examples we’ve shared. The response from readers has been wonderful, and it’s our hope you’ve been learning much to help you spot the fatal flaws and fix them.

The best way to benefit from this huge amount of content is to have it all at your fingertips for easy access. As with the other courses I’ve taught on Live Write Thrive the last few years, we have compiled and reworked these blog posts, added a truckload of additional material and Before and After passages, put in checklists and bonus passages, and created this new writing craft book in The Writer’s Toolbox Series.

We believe this book will be an invaluable resource for every fiction writer, and you can preorder it now as a Kindle ebook here! The print book will release with the ebook on December 1. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for your writer friends, look no further! Continue Reading…

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