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3 Ways Insecurity Hurts Your Writing  

Today’s guest post is by Braeden Phillips.

Have you ever given a piece of writing to a friend to read and had butterflies in your stomach as you watched her read it?

Most writers know what I am talking about.

Whether we’re doubting our own abilities, dealing with criticism, or struggling with our first draft, insecurity is a common emotion that a lot of writers feel.

But I think insecurity is far more dangerous than a lot of us realize. From what I have seen, it isn’t just a bad feeling but is rather a serious leech on your storytelling abilities.

Today we’re going to look at three ways insecurity hurts your writing and what to do about this dangerous feeling. Continue Reading…

MasterClass Online Classes with Amazing Writers

If you’re not familiar with the site MasterClass, I want to encourage you to check it out. In addition to terrific writing classes with top writers, they offer a whole lot of neat classes, including basketball with Steph Curry (how cool is that?), Serena Williams teaching tennis, and cooking classes with expert chefs.

Yes, this is a plug for a site of which I’m an affiliate. But I don’t promote many companies. I think MasterClass is classy! I’ve taken a few of their classes so far, including James Patterson’s and Steve Martin’s (comedy) classes. They are all lifetime access and $180.

They’ve recently added a whole lot more courses, including ones on filmmaking (the one with Jodie Foster is on my list!).

I’m posting below the descriptions of some of the great writing courses I would encourage you to check out. Just go to MasterClass HERE and scroll through the many courses available. Their platform, design, course structure, and videos are top-notch! Continue Reading…

The Connection between Character Emotion and Reader Empathy

Today’s guest post is by Becca Puglisi.

Do you know how many books are on the market today? Neither do I; I can’t count that high. I do know that in 2015 alone, over a million books were published.

This is awesome for readers, but it creates a problem for authors looking to create a fan base. Not only do we need customers to find our books, we need them to love them—enough to finish them and go on to consume everything else we have to offer.

To make it in this crowded space, we need to attract readers who are obsessed with our work. We want them staying up late and oversleeping because they couldn’t put our book down, texting friends to tell them how awesome it is, and running to the computer when they’re done to see if there are more coming out.

Basically, we want raving fans—customers who read all of our stuff and do the word-of-mouth marketing for us. But how do we get this kind of response to our books? Continue Reading…

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