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6 Bad Habits You Can Write Without

Today’s post is by Paula Hicks.

All writers have some bad habits. What’s difficult, though, is spotting our own. We may be unaware of the bad habits that are harming our productivity.

The good news is it’s possible to change those bad habits and get into more positive ones. Your writing will show a marked improvement when you do, and you’ll produce higher-quality material.

So let’s take a look at six bad habits writers often succumb to and ways to combat them.

Waiting for Inspiration

The mistake that nearly every writer makes is to sit back and wait for inspiration. Sometimes writers don’t appreciate that writing needs to be treated as a job. You have to work at in constantly. It could be a long wait for your muse to call round! Continue Reading…

5 Freelancing Tips That Will Help You Write That Novel

Today’s guest post is by Rob Blair.

Thank the Gods of Writing that I’m no longer a full-time freelancer.

Those six years of writing to pay the bills very nearly killed my passion for the craft. What’s more, my productivity on creative projects came to a dead halt. The last thing I wanted to do after a stressful day of writing was write some more.

Still, despite all the harm those years did to my writing life, they also helped me become more productive and effective. My current creative output—about twenty-five pages a week on my main novel project—is far higher than it was prior to my freelance experience.

I’d like to share five of the most valuable lessons I learned during my freelance career that I believe will help you be more productive in your novel writing. Continue Reading…

Capitalize on Your Habits to Write Your Best Book

On Throwback Thursday, we’re looking at excerpts from past posts on Live Write Thrive.

Today’s post is from  How Your Habits Help You Write a Book by Alex Strike.

Writing is not an easy process at all. I’d realized it once I tried to write my very first article on the topic of gambling. Yes, the topic is not the best and noblest one, but even something seemingly easy to write about posed a problem for me. Have you ever tried to describe the rules of playing blackjack in a way that it would be interesting even for people who had never heard of this game at all? Believe me, it is not easy.

And now, when some of my friends try to persuade me that every person can write, I just smile and do not even try to change their minds because it would simply be a waste of time. To understand the process of writing, one should try writing at least something.

Now that I have more than a hundred articles published, I’ve changed my mind about writing, and I can’t imagine how I could have lived without it before. I’ve started my first book, and I use everything that can help me to write faster and better–even my habits. Continue Reading…

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