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5 Insightful Things a Writer Can Learn from 5 Timeless Classics

Today’s guest post is by Ethan Miller.

When does one call oneself a writer?

Some might say the title of writer should be reserved only to those who have their names printed on the cover of a book. Some others might consider themselves writers when they write something of great importance—something that they are proud of.

If you ask me, anyone who spends hours honing their writing skills through routine practice is a writer. Anyone who looks for ways to constantly improve their writing prowess deserves to be respected as a writer.

While I do not have my name printed on the spine of a book yet, I practice writing routinely and perpetually look for ways to become a better writer.

I found that reading literature written by renowned authors and playwrights is one such way to develop my craft as a writer. Reading classics can help you break the shackles of traditional story beats and inspire you to make brave choices as a writer. The voracious reader in me leapt with joy when I discovered that immersive reading can enhance my writing skills. Continue Reading…

How to Boost Focus ahead of a Writing Session

Today’s guest post is by Rosie O’Neill.

Focus is the thing that makes a writing session fly by in a burst of creative energy, the words flowing and effortless as we get lost in our manuscripts. It’s not something we can turn on and off like a tap, however, and it reacts to all sorts of different personal and environmental circumstances. We focus better, for example, if we’re well rested and don’t have anything pressing to do elsewhere.

Finding our focus ahead of a writing session can be a powerful tool to master as a writer. After all, we can’t always wait for the muse to strike before we sit down to work—it’s just too unpredictable to offer consistent progress. If the muse does exist, it has to find us already working— which means we need to take back control over our own focus.

This mind-set isn’t an easy one to master. With so many things threatening to distract us from our writing, especially if we’re unpublished or working a day job alongside, it can be genuinely hard to make this important creative work a real priority.

Here are some of my favorite tricks to boost your focus ahead of a writing session. Continue Reading…

The Writer’s Practice: Your Everyday Writing Warm-Up

Today’s guest post is by Anuradha Prasad.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about practice.

Did you know that all art forms and spiritual work are rooted in deliberate practice? Practice is the time set aside every day to honor your work and develop your skills. It takes the shape of rituals and exercises. Practice gathers your attention and brings it to your work.

Ballet dancers train for hours. Even the most basic steps are repeated over and over again. The movements and the dancers are inseparable. When they are on stage, these movements are transformed into performance.

Singers  warm up with the basics, stretch their vocal chords for two to three hours a day. Athletes and gymnasts train every day. They are always in shape and ready to push to the next level. Continue Reading…

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