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5 Tips to Help You Write Imperfectly

Today’s guest post is by Adrian Johansen.

As a writer, when you envision something you want to compose, it’s always perfect. Floating around in your mind, that undefined piece of artwork is incredible. You can’t wait to write it down, to express it in words, to share it with others. Then the moment comes. You sit down, open up your computer—or nab that pen and paper—and you start … writing?

The problem is, what you write will never be what you imagined. It will be haphazard, uncomfortable, and possibly confusing. It may not even look like what you had in mind at all.

What happened? You had the inspiration, the drive, and the skills. And, yet, the piece came out … imperfect.

Overcoming the Fear of Imperfection

If you struggle with imperfect writing, take a deep breath. You’re not alone. You’re in very good company. Artists the world round are familiar with the imperfect and incomplete, with failure. In fact, it was the great Danny DeVito who said, “Failure is part of the creative process. If you’re afraid of it, you can’t really create.” Continue Reading…