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First Pages of Best-Selling Novels: Almost a Bride

This week, in our examination of first pages of best-selling novels, we’re taking a look at Patricia McLinn’s novel Almost a Bride (released 2014). If you’ve been following these weekly forays into best-sellers’ first pages, you’ll have noticed how these writers have done a great job making sure they’ve included what’s important on a first page.

We’re using my first-page checklist to go through these first pages to see the ways they effectively draw the reader quickly into the story. While novels don’t have to have every one of these checklist elements on the first page, usually the more they do have, the stronger the opening.

Since we’re looking at various genres, I hope you’re getting a feel for the differences in the prose. Genre is a key concern that every writer—whether of fiction or nonfiction—needs to pay attention to. Readers have expectations for books. If you state your book is a suspense thriller, that opening page (as well as the rest of the book) should fit the genre. It should reflect the mood, tone, writing style, sentence/scene/chapter style as is common with that genre. Continue Reading…