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Advice I Wish I’d Been Given When I Started … Part 7

This continues our series asking some seasoned, experienced authors what three key bits of advice they would give new writers that they wished they’d known when they started writing. We all wish someone had given us gems of wisdom that would help us avoid wasting precious time and making serious career mistakes. So I hope hearing the advice from these various authors will help you in your writing journey!

 Today’s post is from author Amanda Socci:

Are you a new writer? If so congratulations! You are embarking on a wonderful journey of creative expression that is filled with the beauty of words. Writing is a fun activity that gives you the perfect outlet to express your opinions, describe an event, or inform others about something really cool. However, as a new writer, you must take your writing seriously as if it were a paid job, even if you are not paid to write or blog. Continue Reading…