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How to Process a Rejection Letter

 Today’s guest post is by Antwan Crump. 

You’ve done it! You’ve toiled over the illuminated white screen of your computer for weeks, months, years, or even decades. You’ve done the work. You’ve done the study. You’ve taken the advice. You’ve literally done everything in your power to complete that novel of yours.

This one isn’t like the others. You’re seasoned now—poised to take the literary world by storm. You’ve sent out query letters and curriculum vitae to strangers and “connections” alike.

You lay your head down and despite your sweaty palms, trembling fingers, and clicking teeth you manage to exhale and think, Job well done.

You may not believe it, but there have been hundreds and thousands of authors that have experienced those same exact things. The feelings of doubt and uncertainty hold sway. They’ve pushed through—as you have—and gotten the work done anyway. Continue Reading…

How Writers Can Stretch Creatively by Looking outside Their Genre

Today’s post is by author Antwan Crump.

Stuck in a rut? Writer’s block got you down? Feel like you’ve hit an artistic plateau? These are all good signs of burgeoning career.

Though the problem may seem unsolvable, rest assured that with determination and knowledge of your craft, the problem is only temporary. At times, the solution lies in simply broadening your focus.

Having a firm understanding of this can not only save you countless hours—of pointless toiling over the keyboard—but also help you to gain control over the momentum of your creativity.

Search for Inspiration outside Your Genre

As a writer, you’ve no doubt found (or are at least on the path to discovering) your voice. That’s amazing. Some people go their entire lives unable to do more than imitate others. Bravo. Continue Reading…