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How to Come Up with the Perfect Book Title

I’m sharing another of my posts that ran last year on The Self Publisher blog. 

Struggling with coming up with the perfect title for your book? You’re not alone. In few words, you have to catch the interest of potential readers and, hopefully, get them excited to read your book.

It’s not easy! But there are obvious and practical considerations that will help you in this endeavor.

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” But, truth is, people do judge a book by its cover. Authors well know that a cover can make or break a book release.

A badly designed or unappealing cover will influence a potential reader’s decision to even glance at a book, never mind buy it. This is especially true when an author doesn’t have star name recognition.

Another saying comes to my mind: “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Covers that are evocative, portray symbolic or beautiful imagery, are aesthetically appealing in their design draw readers in for a closer look. If self-published authors have learned anything about success in the competitive book marketplace, it’s how crucial a great book cover is.

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20 Book-Title Hacks for Any Genre

Today’s guest post is by David H. Safford.

Are you struggling with your title?

Every writer does.

Not only does a title have to capture the essence of the whole story, it needs to begin establishing the voice, themes, and setting long before a reader chooses to turn the page or sample the Kindle.

How can you know where to begin?

Thankfully there are no rules to titles. Rather, there are many approaches you can take to assigning your book, story, or article the right headline.

And to illustrate how these approaches work, I’m going to re-title one of the most famous works of all time: Romeo and Juliet, twenty times.

Interestingly, this title would almost never work today. Sure, it works for superheroes (Batman and Robin) or marketable renegades (Bonnie and Clyde), but writers of romantic tragedy today would never use the first names of their characters alone! Continue Reading…