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Keeping Your Spirits Up Before You Get Published

Writers need continual encouragement. The writing life is no easy road, and the failure or delay in reaching our career goals can be disheartening. So I like to feature posts from time to time to remind us why we write and how to keep going with a positive attitude. Blogger and author Chris Miller has some uplifting ideas to share:

We writers, like everyone else, are ego-driven creatures, and when we haven’t received that most obvious of recognitions—publication—we can feel discouraged. Whether we have a finished manuscript or we’re simply plugging away, slaving away nights and weekends in the hopes that someone will pick it up, we’re operating an a sort of basal, near-instinctual faith in our own abilities, and often times that’s all we have.

Sure, we have friends and family to encourage us and tell us that our latest WIP is gold and sometimes even to provide victuals, but they love us and don’t want to hurt our feelings, and they may not have the requisite tools to make those assessments in the first place. Continue Reading…