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10 Must-Read Modern Novels to Inspire Writers

Today’s guest post is by Christina Kaye

Throughout my career, when I’ve spoken at conferences, conventions, and other book events, I’ve been asked for my single biggest piece of advice for new authors wanting to hone their craft. I can’t take credit for this advice. It’s as old as the written word, I think. And Stephen King famously cites this advice in The Bible for fiction writers: On Writing.

But there’s no avoiding the plain, simple truth that the absolute best way to learn the craft of writing and how to properly write fiction is to read, read, read.

Read as much as you can, especially in your chosen genre. See how the “experts” do it. See how those who have figured out the secret to becoming a successful author write their books.

I take this advice a step further when working with my coaching and editing clients. Often, their “homework” assignment is to choose a book by an author they look up to and want to emulate (not copy) and read it.

But not just read it for leisure. They’re told to sit down with their chosen book(s), a stack of sticky notes, pens, and highlighters. Mark every word, every sentence you read that resonates with them. Watch how the author chooses her words and structures her sentences. Bigger than that, watch how she develops her characters and plot. Continue Reading…