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Incisive, Decisive, Concise, and Precise

Here are some adjectives that might befuddle you. Often writers interchange the words precise and concise, but there is a fine distinction in meaning.

Concise means stating something succinctly, using as few words as possible yet still conveying the full meaning.

Precise means exact, accurate. It is often used in mathematical or scientific contexts in which definite, fixed statements or measurements are demanded.

While precise and exactly are nearly synonymous, they are not necessarily interchangeable. Exactly is preferred if you’re talking about a measurement, or a time.

  • My alarm is set for exactly 5:37 a.m.

Use precise if you are talking about two or more things and you want to distinguish one from the other or others.

  • I’d like my home décor to match my personality as precisely as possible.

There’s a greater distinction between decisive and incisive. Continue Reading…