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Neglect, Ignore, or Disregard This at Your Peril!

English grammar and spelling are confusing, but they pale in comparison to explaining the subtle differences and appropriate usage of some synonyms. For example, thrifty, frugal, and miserly could all be used to describe someone who is careful with their resources. I consider myself thrifty, even frugal when necessary; others may consider me miserly.

It’s often a matter of perspective and relativity when choosing which of several words to use when they carry a similar meaning.

Neglect, ignore, and disregard present a similar conundrum. They all include the concept of not paying attention to someone or something. Merriam-Webster includes “to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness.” Neglect is failure to tend to someone or something for which you are responsible. Neglect takes place over a period of time and carries predictable consequences. Neglected neighborhoods fall prey to economic blight; neglected children fail to thrive physically as well as emotionally. On the one occasion I allowed a cat to become a house pet, my daughter neglected the litter box until I threatened to take the cat to the shelter. Continue Reading…