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Becoming a Sensitive, Responsible Fiction Writer

This is a post drawn from my upcoming workshop at Writing for Change Worldwide, an annual conference (this year online and weeklong) presented by SF Writers Conference. If you are interesting in writing for change, be sure to attend this conference! Here are the details.

If you’re a fiction writer, you create characters. Hopefully believable ones. Characters your readers love and hate. Characters that pop off the page and take readers on an exciting journey.

Regardless of whether you write lighthearted comedy, serious relational dramas, complicated romance, or adventurous fantasy, more than mere authenticity is needed—if you want to be a sensitive, responsible writer.

What is involved in being a sensitive, responsible writer? Sensitive how? Responsible how?

For writers who care about equity, racial justice, and e pluribus unum, it requires a self-check.

Not only are all of us ingrained with some measure of racial bias, we often don’t recognize it. This is particularly true when it comes to writing fiction. Our tendency is to default to what we’re familiar with, and that brings into play stereotypes, tropes, assumptions, and other (sometimes subtle) travesties that do a disservice—if not outright harm—to others. Continue Reading…