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How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Today’s guest post is by Dom Principe:

So, you’ve got your new story idea mapped out, the characters are fleshed and ready to come to life, and all your plot points are set. You excitedly sit down at your desk, and for the next two hours . . . stare at your computer screen. You have been hit by the bane of every writer’s existence: writer’s block.

What Is It?

Writer’s block is a condition that was first described by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler as “a neurotic inhibition of productivity in creative writers.” That sounds simple enough, but as every writer who has experienced it knows, writer’s block is never simple.

Basically, writer’s block is when the mind is under stress, and it switches from the cerebral cortex (which is the part of the brain that deals with memory, awareness, and consciousness) to the limbic system (which reacts to adversity by fight or flight). That switch-over blocks your ability to access the creative side of your brain. Continue Reading…