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The Art of Becoming a Good Writer

Today’s guest post is by E. M. Foster.

Self-doubt is real when it comes to budding writers, and experts are not immune to it either. But the biggest burning questions often have to do with ourselves: Is my writing actually good? How do I know if I’m a good writer?

There’s no definitive way to answer this because, ultimately, you must decide for yourself.

Confidence is a valuable thing to have when writing, but it’s not something you can acquire like grammar or editing skills. You need to recognize when you are getting better and what you are doing that makes your writing good to know if you are a “good” writer.

But how do you know if you’re heading in the right direction? Here are a few things to remember to know that you’re becoming a good writer.

First, Isn’t Being “Good” at Writing Subjective?

You might ask if there really is a definite way to determine if someone is “good” or “bad” at writing. After all, aren’t there different parts of writing that different authors may be better at than others? Does it make an author a “bad” writer if they don’t practice the same techniques as others? Continue Reading…