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Each and Every Way to Get Confused

The words each and every are used so interchangeably, they seem like they mean the same things. But they don’t.

Grammarians call them quantifiers, which is just a highfalutin word that means “number” or “quantity.” Each and every go with singular nouns and are used to indicate quantity. But neither indicates a specific number. So while their meanings are similar, the words are not always interchangeable.

Use each when you’re referring to the persons or items in a group individually; use every when you consider the group as a unit.

  • Each member of the team received a ribbon for participating.
  • Every ribbon was green.

Use each when there are two persons or items; use every for groups of three or more.

  • Two members of the team were named as scholar-athletes. Each rejoiced at the honor.
  • Every team member congratulated them.

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