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Want to Sell More Books? Stop Pushing and Start Connecting

Today’s guest post is by John Bard:

Want to scare a bunch of writers silly? You won’t need to put on a Freddy Krueger mask and chase after them.  There’s a much easier way:

Just saunter up to them and say, “Who wants to do some book marketing?”

Those who haven’t fled in terror will testify to their agonizing and fruitless hours spent on social media; their deep-set horror that someone will view them as shameless profiteers, hawking their wares for filthy lucre; and their absolute conviction that “book marketing doesn’t work, so why bother?”

Hey, I get it. You’re a writer. If you were some wildly extroverted glad-hander, you’d be out there selling stuff instead of sitting alone agonizing over every syllable. The last thing you want to do is sell.

Know what? You’re absolutely right. You shouldn’t be out there selling. That’s not your game, and, frankly, it’s not the way to promote books. Continue Reading…