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7 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Creativity

Today’s guest post is by author Jon Biddle.

The floodgates of creativity open wide when you are young and stay open. Then, as you age, the outlet runs dry. You get stuck in patterns, bad habits that kill that creative flow something gifted you with.

Creativity is a high form of intelligence, and when you are functioning at high levels, it is great to be active. But before you can think creatively, you need to have access to the right high energy. You need to be in a state of flow when the possibilities that come with creativity are present.

Creativity is about having fun and learning to enjoy the process. Creative writing is about experiencing the joy and the feeling of pride when one passes a concept through the word processor or pen and doesn’t become frustrated and depressed as one may do when trying to turn an idea into something tangible.

This last effort is really important. The worst thing you can do is give up after you get the initial spark of motivation.

Everyone gets a spark, but most of us diminish the motivation because we don’t believe in ourselves. Continue Reading…