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Advice I Wish I’d Been Given When I Started … Part 4

This continues our series asking some seasoned, experienced authors what three key bits of advice they would give new writers that they wished they’d known when they started writing. We all wish someone would give us gems of wisdom that would help us avoid wasting precious time and making serious career mistakes. So I hope hearing the advice from these various authors will help you in your writing journey!

Today’s guest post is by Marianne Spitzer, author of numerous novels and short stories:

I began my writing in the sixth grade with a dream. I had written a story for class about a magical bracelet and a beautiful princess. My teacher kept my story and gave it to my mom at conferences. Mrs. Decker, my beloved teacher, told my mom that she could tell I had the talent to tell a story and my writing ability was above my grade level. My mom believed that it was because I was attending a Catholic school and we were pushed harder to learn; however, she did encourage me. It was the beginning of my dream. Continue Reading…