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A Powerful Way of Layering a Subplot into Your Novel

We’ve been looking at my 10-20-30 Scene Builder concept, and you’ve gotten your key ten scenes upon which to further build a strong plot for your novel.

Last week we dove into my crime novel A Thin Film of Lies, and I showed you how you might layer in the next ten scenes with a subplot.

I believe subplots take a good book and make it great—that is, if the subplot is highly keyed into the themes of the novel. When thinking of examples of terrific subplots, the first (and best) book that came to mind was Michelle Weidenbenner’s Scattered Links.

I’ve used Michelle’s terrific novel before as an example other times in my blog. I worked with Michelle on this book as her editor and watched this book transform, especially in the development of her themes.

So I asked Michelle if she would kindly make a list of her subplot scenes (though this is only one of a few subplots she has going on in the book, another being a sweet romantic thread and one dealing with the sister she left behind).  Continue Reading…

How to Find Time to Write and Parent Children Too

Today’s guest post is by author Michelle Weidenbenner:

If you’re like many parents who are also writers you find it difficult to find the time to write.

Here are a few scenarios you might have found:

You lay the baby down for a nap and can’t wait to sit at your computer because you finally have a moment to yourself, a moment to write. The house is quiet, your computer is fired up, but all you can do is stare at the blank page. What do you write? Where do you start?

Or . . . Continue Reading…